J Doyle Building Contractors Ltd

John Doyle was a sole trader when he first approached Red Shoes for support.

John Doyle

We discovered that he was paying more tax than he needed to and was having to focus too much on finance matters rather than doing what he does best, focusing on running a successful construction business. Working with John we were able to:

  • Save him a significant amount of tax
  • Help him through incorporation
  • Take away the stress of the finance by operating as his Virtual Finance Office and
  • Were very flexible, adapting to the firms changing requirements

J Doyle Building Contractors Ltd

The company is a highly successful and sought after building Construction Company specialising in new builds, extensions, conversions, grain stores, house improvements and disability adaptations. It has a turnover of approximately £1 million and is run by John, a Co-director and his wife. Four sub-contractors work with the company.

Nature of the services provided by Red Shoes

Red Shoes have provided a full range of accounting and business support services for the company over several years and has extended the services available as the firm has grown. Services have included bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts, company year-end accounts, VAT and Corporation tax as well as handling John’s personal tax affairs. In addition to these traditional services we have advised on costing, cash flow, handled invoicing and the arrangements in respect of the sub-contractors scheme.

Why the client came to us and the challenges this helped them solve

John original approached Red Shoes as the circumstances of his existing bookkeeper changed. John’s team researched a few firms – Red Shoes were highly recommended to John and he found that we were dynamic and responsive to his requirements and able to meet all the needs at the time and flexible enough to adapt to changes that were required.

How our services helped and the value we added to their company

John has found Red Shoes extremely diligent, conscientious and professional in all the work they have done for him over 6/7 years. He has been very satisfied with their quick and methodical approach to tackling issues (no protracted email correspondence is needed) and has found that nothing, even a very minor issue, is ever too much trouble for them. John has a great relationship with the Red Shoes staff and sees them as a really valued part of his team. Over the years Red Shoes have saved the company a significant amount in taxes.

Why John Doyle would recommend Red Shoes to others

John says that “Having this expertise on tap has enabled me to concentrate on running and growing the business without the stress of worrying about these financial matters. For such a small firm, Red Shoes offer a wealth of knowledge and experience and provide me with an excellent service – they are also flexible and adaptable to meet my changing requirements.

I find Vicky and the team friendly and approachable and a pleasure to work with (not something always found in accounting firms) whilst always being conscientious and professional. Their fees are very competitive and the advice given is always sound – I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others”.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you please visit our website www.redshoesaccounting.co.uk or give Victoria Cooper a call on 01353 865368.

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