Gaynor Webb


Gaynor is a personal client of Red Shoes and has employment and rental income, shares and dividend income, acts as a Director of a company and makes a variety of investments.

This case study demonstrates how Red Shoes have worked with Gaynor over the years to assist in managing her tax affairs, planning ahead and reducing her tax liabilities. The case study also shows that despite there being a distance of 200 miles between Red Shoes and the client, how the relationship has worked exceedingly well over this distance.

Nature of the services provided by Red Shoes

Red Shoes advise Gaynor on tax planning and assist with the completion of her personal tax returns.

Why the client came to us and the challenges this helped them solve

Gaynor originally approached Red Shoes as she faced an unexpected tax bill and wished to avoid this happening again in the future and to plan accurately for future tax liabilities. Gaynor asked Red Shoes to clarify her tax position in 2012 and then to make sure everything was planned for, going forward. Although Gaynor lives on the Wirral, the distance away from Red Shoes has not made things difficult to manage. In these days of the internet and cloud accounting most things can be dealt with electronically and when there are documents to sign, occasionally we use the post.

How our services helped and the value we added

Gaynor says that Red Shoes have always been on hand to advise when she is considering making investments and provides clear and precise advice which helps with her decision making and has, as a result, made her investments tax efficient and significantly reduced her tax liabilities. The team have always been professional and very responsive to queries and we have an open and honest relationship.

Why Gaynor would recommend Red Shoes to others

Gaynor says that the advice received from Red Shoes is always responsive, very prompt, always correct and in language that she can understand. The team is very professional, understand fully my reasoning and give comprehensive advice. The team deal with HMRC for me and take away from me all the stress of the tax side of things. It is a great comfort to me knowing that all this is being taken care of and that I have certainty about my tax affairs.

Gaynor says that she would recommend Red Shoes to anyone who is concerned about their tax and wishes the stress of this to be taken away from them and to be given professional advice and clarity for the future. Gaynor says, I would recommend Red Shoes to anyone – they offer simple, professional and easy to understand advice without any fuss.

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